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Ancient wisdom joins modern science in a daily ritual for more beautifiul skin!


Not Tested on Animals!




AYUR-MEDIC skin care products have been formulated to effectively treat acne, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, balance hydration in dry skin and combat environmentally and chronologically damaged skin

AYUR-MEDIC uses Ayurverdic herbs and clinically proven ingredients, along with the most advanced dermatological research to date. This revolutionary skin care lines strikes the perfect balance between time-honored holistic principles and state of the art proven clinical research to improve skin conditions and give the skin a healthier appearance and optimal results.


Two highly accomplished physicians – Dr. Raj Konadia, a plastic surgeon, and Dr. Ezra Kest, a dermatologist – along with a team of cosmetic chemists and professional skin care experts with over three decades of experience, together created AYUR-MEDIC's breakthrough product line.




Raj Kanodia, M.D., a well respected & leading plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills is sought out by patients throughout the United States, as well as around the world. A member of the American Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery, American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and American College of Surgeons, Dr. Kanodia has published numerous medical articles and is often a guest lecturer at international medical conferences. After studying under a legendary plastic surgeon, Dr. Morey Parkes, he has been practicing his craft for two decades.

Employing the unique sense of aesthetics in refining the facial features while preserving the natural beauty, has earned him notable respect among his colleagues. Over the years he has developed a worldwide client base among entertainers, royalties, models and people alike.

He is one of the world’s most sought after facial plastic surgeons. He performs surgeries at his licensed, elaborate and elegant surgery center in Beverly Hills.


Ezra Kest, M.D., specializes in traditional dermatology and cosmetic surgery with a special interest in skin rejuvenation and reversal of skin damage caused by sun exposure. Dr Kest’s emphasis is in how to use the latest science to help one’s natural beauty realize its full potential. He is an expert in laser surgery, skin cancer prevention and acne. Dr. Kest has firsthand knowledge of an array of skin conditions, especially those caused by the damaging effects of sun exposure. He is frequently interviewed as an authority in the field of Cosmetic Dermatology by numerous national magazines and television programs.

With a combination of outstanding academic credentials and extensive clinical experience, Dr. Ezra Kest is dedicated to teaching patients how to best care for their skin, minimize the negative impact of aging, and prevent the need for major surgical interventions. He is a respected expert on facial fillers, cosmetic facial laser surgery, Botox injections, and minor surgical procedures that treat and reduce the signs of aging.



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