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Beautiful You Center for Healing Arts by Toni Munna



Beautiful You BuildingI’ve often written of the importance of connecting inner peace, physical health and outer beauty. Beautiful You Center for Healing Arts in Southampton takes that concept to a level rarely found in day spas. Founder Geomare Aviles is a licensed Esthetician and is certified in Reconnective Healing, and combines these two skills to create her specialty—the nearly-life-changing Healing Facial.


A native of Equador, Geomare was inspired by the many indigenous holistic health and wellness regimens she has experienced in her worldwide travels, combined with upscale spa treatments and one particularly exquisite body massage and facial in Portofino, Italy.


“I am passionate about natural and holistic regimens and have created an environment that gives clients a time and place to have a special experience so they can achieve a wonderful sense of peace, look their best and feel rejuvenated,” she says. “I believe that when the body, mind and spirit are aligned and balanced, a beautiful person emerges.”


Indeed. The Center is designed in a combination of European and Eastern influences—elegant and supremely peaceful. Geomare’s warm and centered personality made me feel immediately at home. In the private facial room, she showed me the products she favors AyurMedic (LOVE that name), and proceeded to give me one of the most amazing 90-minute facials of my life. This is a woman with truly magic hands. I emerged relaxed and peaceful, with my skin glowing.


Next, I met with Karen Ferraro, a Certified Reiki Master (also a Certified Feng Shui Consultant). I was surprised and impressed with how Karen accurately picked up on my troubled areas. She, too, is a remarkably talented healer, and I walked away feeling significantly de-stressed and the pain I had been experiencing was noticeably diminished.

I also had three sessions with Dr. John Gangemi, a summa cum laude graduate of the Sherman School of Straight Chiropractic who has developed the unique Release & Balance™ chiropractic treatment. This extremely gentle treatment is meant to enable us to reconnect with our innate healing process. It’s like no other chiropractic treatment you’ll find anywhere else. It would require its own column to properly explain, but I strongly recommend this treatment to anyone who has spinal issues.


Beautiful You Center for Healing Arts is one of the loveliest spas I’ve been to in ages. They tuned me up so I was shining inside and out, and they’ll do the same for you! Check them out