Agua Max Water Filtration System



As a representatives of Agua Max Water Filtration System we work with our clients to identify a water filtration solution that makes sense for your home.


New York's drinking water in thousands of homes could be contaminated with the following:


Harness - Iron - Manganese - Odor in Water - Acidity - Nitrates -

MTBE - Lead - Volatile Organics - Sediment - Bacteria - Arsenic



It is time to enjoy fresh water - clean, healthy, with great taste
and without odors -- in every faucet of your house, including showers.



Stop drinking polluted water!!!

Start drinking clean, healthy water!!



We are Members of The Water Quality Association






What's in Your Tap Water?


Boil water advisory issued for western Nassau County....


Suffolk County 2011 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report (PDF)




Research References:



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Dangers of BPA found in plastic bottles





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